Your Out-Sourced In-House Counsel

Stewart Feil Attorney, your out-sourced in-house counsel.

Before law school I had dreams of becoming a professional swordsman. If only there was a legitimate way to make a living protecting people…

While I still maintain my hobby as a martial artist, I have discovered a much more powerful way to help you protect your loved ones. By planning with me you can make sure your kids never wind up in the care and custody of the state or strangers. More importantly, ANYONE can pass on a meaningful legacy to future generations.

The two things that are most valuable in this life are the people we connect with and the experiences we have. The people because we care about them and they care about us. We share values with them. We build each other up, and challenge one another to be more.

The experiences are valuable because they reflect the knowledge and wisdom we have gained through our life-time. Our experiences display our true character. They tell a story of what we are capable of in the most dire of circumstances, and in the most abundant. This is the type of wisdom and knowledge that prevents those who learn from it from being doomed to repeat history.